Home made guitars with a twist.

These ‘novelty items’ have evolved into bespoke instruments which intonate perfectly and can be set to any action desired.

I get the same reaction time and time again with these things. People laugh when they see them..play them for a minute or two..and then realise that these are proper hand-crafted instruments which sound fantastic. And then they usually order one!

There’s a definite ‘squared off and neat’ aesthetic to these things. I take extreme care over the fit and finish of the components, so the guitars look rough at first glance.. but in fact are very carefully constructed. The necksticks and headstocks are colour-matched/distressed to suit each individual can, which are sealed to keep the rust and dirt looking good.. but safely away from your new sofa.

Basic options are a P90 pickup or a flat ‘jazz-type’ humbucker which gives a more acoustic ‘resonator’ sound. Volume control (500k pot) as standard.

They cost $300 and are hand-made to order. Choice of pick up, action, can, headstock and any other preferences will be accommodated by arrangement.

2 Responses to About

  1. nuala o'leary says:

    Saw Kurt gallager play your oil can today. Beautiful sound. My husband is a bassist…. I am thinking this would make a great Christmas gift for him.

  2. Yes..I can make a short-scale bass.

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